Google Keep is here – the new challenger to Evernote

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Powered by one of the strongest brands of these days, Google Keep is ready to take over the note taking segment. However, if you take a closer look at what is really behind Google Keep, it is no comparison to the top dog Evernote. Evernote clearly has more features such as the ability to tag notes, collaboration, or the ability to work offline and synch. Critics thus compare Google Keep with a plain sticky note.

GoMo with the GoMoMeter!

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Going Mobile is one of the strongest trends of our times and mobile usage is constantly growing. Using the internet on the go not just for text messages but for the entire spectrum the internet offers is becoming more and more attractive. Reason enough to make sure your website is being properly displayed also on a mobile device with a significantly smaller resolution and perhaps even technical restrictions compared to your home PC.

Mobile sites are designed for the small screen, with the needs of mobile users in mind. A mobile-friendly site can help your business connect with customers and drive conversions because users can access it right when they need it – wherever they happen to be!

GoMo is a Google initiative and allows you on their site to not only test your website, but also gives you essential tips on how to design your website to make it fit for mobile devices. It even offers contacts to help you build your mobile site.

Check it out here:

BMW DriveNow – CarSharing von BMW i, Mini und Sixt

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BMW reagiert auf die zunehmende Tendenz weg vom eigenen Auto hin zu Mobilität auf Abruf (on demand) und startet unter seiner neuen Submarke BMW i und in Kooperation mit Sixt das Mobilitätskonzept DriveNow.

Hier der Introfilm:

Und hier ein Trailer zu BMW i:

Sixt Guerilla Marketing at Airport

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A nice example of a guerilla marketing campaign. The good thing about it: it finds a unique channel or way to address the key target group which is most likely to be interested in this offer: professionals. We all know the situation: when you are not in the office and have entire teams working back in the office, your laptop or mobile device is the link to the crew back home or to the client out there. As there is barely internet on planes, the waiting time at the airport becomes crucial. And when time is short, fast DSL is the key. Thus offering free WLAN is always appreciated. In this case the WLAN ID transports the marketing message which here is the special airport fare for the SIXT BWM 3-series rental offer. A nice solution! So if by contract you are not binded to a special rental agency, this nice little favor by SIXT may have a positive influence on you.

Keep in mind: the worst situation you can be in when renting a car is an airport where you quickly need a ride – they usually charge a lot.

Nice little campaign!

Altimeter: How to Prioritize Social Business Budgets

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