Altimeter on understanding customers' social behavior

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Another very good presentation by the guys from Altimeter, found on the page of we are social
Again everyone, thanks for sharing your insights!

We will comment on it as soon as we find the time to do so!

So far, enjoy!

Have you ever used your printer in a way like this?

Using modern ways of marketing will bring you much more customers you intend. You don’t believe? Have you already seen the new „commercial“ of HP?

Name the Volt – GM asking the consumer to name the colors

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After developing and marketing what promises to be the world’s first mass-produced extended-range EV, the folks at GM are too tired to come up with names for all the paint colors, so they’re asking for your help.

Apparently not satisfied with “kinda silvery and greenish” as a description of the exterior color of the pre-production Chevy Volt shown above, the General is asking for help from the general public to officially name the color for press and marketing materials. You can enter — and eventually vote — at

The three top vote-getters win a trip to the L.A. Auto Show, while first prize gets their own addition to GM’s paint codes and the chance to drive a pre-production Volt. Props to anyone who submits “Autopia Emerald.”

We’ve always driven home whatever color is on the lot — or whatever color our mom chose before she handed the car down to us. Still, for some buyers, color matters. According to GM’s Global Color and Trim guru Chris Webb, 39 percent of consumers “will walk out of a dealership and purchase from another brand altogether if they can’t get a vehicle in the color they desire.”

While the Volt looks good in the various shades of gray and black that the public has seen so far, we can’t imagine anyone turning down a car as eagerly anticipated as the Volt because they don’t like how the paint looks. Heck, we bet it would sell in Mary Kay pink with profane graffiti covering the hood. The Volt is about what is — and what isn’t — under the hood, not what’s covering the exterior.

Name the Volt’s Color, Win a Prize

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