The competition among electric vehicles is just starting…

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Here is a very recent commercial for the Nissan Leaf in U.S. featuring a trained polar bear. Obviously the only trained polar bear available… However, TBWA produced a really nice story dealing with the causes of the climate change which in this case force a polar bear to leave his natural environment. His journey takes him through typical scenes of American landscape (even the inner city) and lastly to a typical U.S. suburb where he finally encounters something he can relate to, something that may not be as truly natural as he is, but that respects nature and helps to preserve it – the Nissan Leaf.

While electric vehicles until today have been luxury goods such as the sporty Tesla Roadster or the little cheaper Prius and Honda Insight, the new EVs will hopefully be more affordable and more efficient. When critical volumes are reached, electric vehicles may even bring in more profit than their gas-powered brethren. It remains open when the final big bang comes and every manufacturer will have his EV on the road. As of today, Opel, Renault, GM, BMW and many more already have promising vehicles in the pipeline. And time is on their side. Day by day, technological advances are being accomplished: better batteries, faster charging, more charging stations, less weight, or completely new concepts such as the E-REVs Opel Ampera or the Chevy Volt.

We may not be able to imagine a world dominated by electric vehicles but the time will come.

And other than hybrids which usually take more gas than high-tech diesel engines, electric vehicles definately consume less.

One thing is for sure: this new segment will require large marketing budgets. Not only because the technologies require explanation. But as Nissan show its not only about tech stuff….