Nissan/Renault eMobility: one idea two TVCs

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Just recently I saw a really nice Renault commercial for their electric vehicle model range:

To be honest, it is a very creative approach which really opens our minds to the fact that in every aspect of our daily life things are being run electric, except for the car. And it is exactly here that it takes a lot of marketing dollars to persuade and convince us that the future of driving will be electric.

Now it is no secret that Renault Nissan are cooperating. Still I was surprise to see this Nissan TVC here which closely draws on the Renault spot. I can only guess that maybe the Nissan spot was there first, but maybe it is no coincidence but a shared marketing campaign to promote electric vehicles for both brands…

Here is the Nissan version (for the US market and also showing the Chevy Volt which is being blamed for not being 100% electric: