Altimeter on understanding customers' social behavior

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Another very good presentation by the guys from Altimeter, found on the page of we are social
Again everyone, thanks for sharing your insights!

We will comment on it as soon as we find the time to do so!

So far, enjoy!

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  1. s.mueller
    s.mueller says:

    Thanks for sharing the insights!
    I think what we are currently seeing and will be seeing throughout 2010 is a blind rush of companies and their brands into platforms such as Facebook and services such as Twitter. The reasons are obvious: Due to the recession sales figures are bad and consumer behavior is undergoing tremendous changes. At the same time, management keeps a sharp eye on marketing spendings. Web 2.0 seems to be the golden door that opens easily.
    But companies need to think before they act. If all it takes was to create a facebook and twitter account, we all would break sales records daily. It is not about what you do but about the way you do it: understand your customers, respect them and then identify the appropriate channel, language and tone – specifically for YOUR customers. The perfect solution may not be facebook or twitter and perhaps even be offline.


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