Tilt-shift time-lapse addiction…

I must admit: I just love this kind of videos.
Except for Deutsche Telekom, I barely know of commercials that make use of this technique, maybe also because it is hard to fit it all into 30 seconds. But the resulting videos are just amazing.

Here is another one titled „24 hours, Pavey Ark“ by Michael Moloney Studio which I saw in the Schweinshaxe Blog and wanted to share here, too:

24 hours, Pavey Ark from Michael Moloney Studio on Vimeo.

Who said big corporations are slow to adapt to trends

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Please take the time to compare these two videos.

The first here, „Bathtub IV“ is by Keith Loutit and a perfect example of time-lapse and tilt-shift which results in a perfect stop-motion effect.

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Then look at this current Telekom commercial which nicely makes use of this technique. Surprisingly modern for a telecommunications giant such as Deutsche Telekom:

It is not by accident that these two are so similar. Both have been created by Keith Loutit, a master of his craft!