CTRs no longer decreasing

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CTRs or Click-Through Rates are one of the most commonly used measuring methods to analyze how efficient your online advertisement is. It delivers the exact percentage of users who upon having possibly seen your ad (impressions or also the total number of times the ad has been displayed) and the actual number of users who have in fact clicked on your ad.
For quite a time this this KPI has been declining and on average lay somewhere around 0.09%. That means of a thousand times your ad has been displayed only 0.9 people clicked it. Or in other words, in order to get one click on your ad, you have to display it 10,000 times.
According to a recent study by Media Mind called Standard Banners – Non-Standard Results, the CTR is no longer decreasing but has remained constant at 0.09 %. This is quite a good sign as online display advertising suffers the same phenomenon as advertisement in general does: the more ads we are being confronted with the less time we have for each and thus the less well we perceive them or in this case click on them. Let’s wait and see if 0.09 becomes a golden rule or if there is even room for more.

Here is a graphic from above mentioned study published by emarketer – one of the #1 sources on the web:

Here is the link to above mentioned study: link