Then & Now: 100 Years of Chevrolet


Chevy turned 100.
Reason enough to come out with a nostalgic tribute to the history of Chevrolet which accompanied the lives of so many Americans in the last century. Through good times and bad times just like the brand itself had its ups and downs. Or to say it in the words of a 1991 Chevrolet „Heartbeat of America“ TVC, „the best things have always been those that last“.
For more than 100 years Chevorlet has made use of patriotic and nostalgic imagery to connect with the customers and to persuade them to only buy a true American brand as is Chevrolet (more or less as we all know). But after 100 years one can say this really pulls or as this recent commercials says, „Chevy runs deep.“

Oh one thing to add: As this current campaign proves, „Chevy“ is still being used in communications, other than rumor had it in 2010. –> Link

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