The Human Brain – A Supercomputer

The following graphic is based on data collected by the University of California, San Diego, in which they analyzed the timespan from 1980 through 2008 for the total number of bytes bitten processed by Americans. According to the study, the amount of date has increased by 6% per year and now amounts to an the huge number of 3.6 zettabytes. That is one billion trillion bytes and more than we can imagine. It includes all kind of information or data, no matter from what source.
In terms of the internet, this clearly mirrors the fact that websites contain more and more megabytes of content which if not accessed via DSL can take very long to load. As the speed of our internet connection and the number of ways to access the web (WiFi alarm clock, domestic laptop to check the news at breakfast, mobile device on the subway, desktop pc at work, mobile device during lunch break, laptop back home,..) increases, our brain has more and more data to process. Or maybe not. If you are smart, you filter information for what is really relevant at the moment. But still, this is more than information overloa, rather information collapse. And it raises the question how even with smart filtering, we are able to deal with these billion trillion bytes EVERY DAY!


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